Is Your Wife Cheating? 6 Top Signs Revealed

Published: 05th December 2008
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Is your wife cheating? Wives that cheat will over their tracks for a while but, they will eventually become careless and slip up. When they do, you need to be ready to spot the signs. Below are the top signs you need to spot to expose your cheating wife.

1. New Jewelry- You should be on the lookout for new jewelry. Is she wearing a new necklace all the time? Does she have a new ring on her right hand, one she swears that she bought for herself? Maybe it is a small token of affection from her new lover.

2. Going Out- Does she go out with "the girls" more than ever now. Perhaps their once a month lunch has turned into a once a week dinner. Has she recently joined a club that keeps her away on Saturdays? She may even tell you that she is going on a weekend trip with the ladies. You may be surprised who she is going on that trip with when you ask is your wife cheating.

3. Clothing- Has she ever worn sexy lingerie under her business attire but, doesn't bother to wear it to be with you? There could be a reason behind this. It is possible that her lover gave it to her and she feels guilty wearing with you.

4. Showering- Does she ever head straight for the shower when she arrives home, before even giving you a hug or kiss hello? Do her clothes smell like smoke even though you are certain she doesn't smoke? These are all warning signs to look for when she doesn't want you to smell someone else's cologne on her clothes or skin.

5. Intimacy- This is a good indicator when asking is your wife cheating. Does she pull out sexual tricks that rock your world? This may make you suspicious, wondering where she learned that at and how did she get so good at it. If she learned a new move from her lover, you shouldn't be surprised if she is trying it on you for practice. On the other side, she may not want to have sex with you at all. Does she pull away from you when you touch her, or does she seem disinterested when you are being intimate? Does she seem to be giving you her body but, her mind is somewhere else? A guilty woman will show many unusual emotions, especially in bed.

6. Attitude- Does your wife seem coy or shy? Does she have a little bounce in her step? Look for when she seems happiest. Is after she gets a phone call from work or does it happen when she's ready to leave for her girls night out or club meeting?

You should pay attention to how your wife acts and what she does. Once you think you have her figured out, dig deeper. Teach yourself these signs and more when asking is your wife cheating?

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